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Women, get out of traps

Well, folks... looks like this blog is turning into a feminist blog :)

I'm not giving up on general topics, but my newest international initiative "Fiery Females" takes up considerable time and effort, and I mentally remain in the stream of thoughts. And why not? This is a blog by a woman, though not necessarily for women only :)

I bring to you a series of videos I've been doing for Fiery Females under a playlist called "Women, get out of traps."

Short, snappy, quickly ingestible material. Without much ado, go to the links given below.

Do men feel judged?

2. Giving away your life

3. The Busyness Trap

4. Freedom is not a favour

More on this series later...

Meanwhile, subscribe to Fiery Females on the link here, to get immediate updates.

Those who prefer audio can go to Anchor

Stay safe, stay healthy ... See you in the next blog or episode.

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