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Extending Power of Networks

If you are in a transition phase, what do your social profiles say about you?

Do they showcase your past, present or future aspirations?

Do they indicate interest in the fields of work, where you would like to be. Do you, at the least, like, comment on or share relevant posts? Doing this puts you on the feed of people from the same field.

I ask you to do some very simple exercises.

  • Google your own name.

  • Does your name dominate the first page, or you see profiles of your namesakes?

  • Wherever you see your own name and picture, what does the page say about you?

  • Does it indicate the stage at which you are in life? Do people get an idea about what you do or look forward to doing?

I pose some introspective questions.

  • How does the world out there discover you, other than online profiles?

  • Do you think the people in your social network do not have networks of their own, and are incapable of extending your reach?

  • If you are not selling goods or are a content writer/trainer/coach, have you found work/ clients through Facebook or WhatsApp, which is probably where you spend most of your time?

If a startup or corporate is your desired destination - for gigs or full-time assignments, LinkedIn is the place to be.

If you are selling a book, online course or goods, Facebook is the better place to be. B2C business happens better on Facebook.

Are you a part of relevant social media groups as yet?

Get on the job today.

Create/update/revamp your social media profiles.

State your objectives clearly.

Start connecting with people who can help you on your journey.

There is no overnight magic. It takes time, but it works. Try it out.

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