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What is Scary?

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

When you are unable to achieve whatever, you want to achieve - ask yourself, what is it that stops you.

Look within. It is something inside your subconscious which is blocking further progress.

1. Stepping down is scary

Who wants to give up a privileged position?

But waves of change call out for a new experience. The firm ground under my feet feels like a heavy chain. I long for the lightness of floating.

2. Uncertainty is scary

Yet, it becomes a testing ground for my true power to emerge.

Who needs power to keep walking on familiar terrains?

The waves that throw me up and down ask for a new strategy to be adopted with every movement. It wants me to take a decision - explore more, develop a new expertise of swimming or diving, or go back to safety.

3. Isolation is scary

I do not want to be condemned, stigmatized, ostracized by the people with whom I've spent my life with. In the process, I stay silent about my internal turmoil, my suffering. I stay clear of anything that is considered too drastic.


Sounds strange, but it's true. I've not visualized myself as successful, and hence think it may be uncomfortable.

I watch the silence of those considered close about my achievements. It makes me think achievements are not welcome.

I'd rather do the mundane and familiar stuff to gain acceptance.


Those who condemn or ignore me do so, because they want to see people similar to them, not above or below.

What stops me from seeking the company of people like myself? Alternatively, what is so scary about being alone but successful, doing what you like to do. Do you really need people who work at pulling you down?

The decision tells me who I am and what should be my life path.

There is nothing to be proud of. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

Just truly, unabashedly Me…

Discovering your true self is peaceful, not scary.

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