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Download Ebook - 15 Laws of Power

Power is a relative term.

Women tend to think more in terms of being of service to others, being compassionate and being polite. The world sees it as weakness, or lack of authority, while we diligently plod with leading a team or family to success.

The perception, the dialogue, the conversations need to change. And that will happen with a few tweaks to our functioning style. Think about impact on mindsets, not just the canvas you are operating on.

We have seen others exert authority, gain visibility and credibility, while doing much less. Why do we not learn from them?

It is not about doing less or more. It is about being seen as the axis around which the world revolves. The axis may not do much, but holds everything together moving in a predetermined direction.


Work from Home has not been easy. We may console ourselves about saving time and cost of travel, and being under a single roof where we can play dual roles.

Ask yourself whose life has been impacted most, and it is yours.

Quitting a job too changes the perception others carry about us. I've heard the kind of remarks, "But you are at home only ....." What I do and deliver from home is not considered.

Another nugget - "Why do you need to call back the maids? Because you need more time on your laptop and phone?"

What was I doing in office, but working on the laptop and phone? And everybody respected my space and my working hours. Now why do those devices give the impression I'm playing games?

The family takes us for granted. Idle friends may want your participation in certain pastime activities, and do not understand your unavailability. At times, we do buckle down under pressure and later regret having ignored or postponed our work.

The image needs to change. Your response needs to change. Attitudes will change on their own.

Those who have not followed the Fiery Females blogs can download the ebook here.

Enjoy the book, and do let us have your feedback.

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