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I am Reena Saxena, a writer who is passionate about crafting stories that resonate with people from all walks of life. Through my work, I strive to capture the complexities and nuances of the human experience, and to provide readers with a glimpse into the lives and perspectives of others. Whether you are looking for a thought-provoking novel, a heartfelt memoir, or a gripping work of fiction, you can trust in my ability to deliver a compelling and memorable read.

I have fortified my profile with Coaching, Neuro-linguistic programming and Mind Training certifications. I draw on my experience in banking and wealth management and insights in working of the human mind to craft strategies for wealth maximization with the money mindset.

I am the author of

  • Unlock the Money Mindset – Master Money Habits

  • Basic Banking for Debt Recovery Agents (Banking)

  • When Time Stopped (Fiction)

My work features in the following anthologies.

  • Com Pen Di Um

  • Life As It Happens

  • Reflections and Revelations

  • Outcast Anthology

  • Feminera

I am a Quora Top Writer, Literary Brigadier on Story Mirror and Top Writer in Feminism on Medium.

I have been featured on Sheroes, Startup Bindaas, Digital Defynd, Story Mirror Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo and Saddle-up-Salon platforms.

I live with my husband and two Shih-Tzu pups in India. What I most identify with and derive comfort from is being a writer. It defines me, refines me and gives me a reason to wake up every morning.

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Reena Saxena

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