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What stops you?

I forgive those who don’t know what they are doing, and its implications. But what about those who do?

What stops you from speaking up when you see injustice and your heart bleeds for the victim? Maybe your heart is not in the act, but you do spare a thought, and your logic rules in favour of the victim.

What stops you when you desperately want to do something, but are ‘not allowed’ to do so?

What stops you when you want to do something ‘now’, but then procrastinate?

What stops you from picking up your tools, and expressing your thoughts or creativity, when you have the time and inclination to do so?

What stops you from living your life fully?

What makes you berate or pull down someone, because you cannot reach where they are?

What makes you pressurise others to be more like you, or fit in the mould to meet your expectations?

What makes you conspire to pull someone down driven by your insecurities?

What makes you attack others, because you feel inadequate to measure up to the situation or expectations?

What makes you be diplomatic, but cut at the roots of someone else’s growth?

If you ever find all the answers, it may be time to be honest and explain. But remember all the while that your inadequacy, your incapability, your insecurity is peeping through your words and acts.

You will not be respected more for being deceptively strong, till you accept your deepest weakness and decide to convert it into a strength.

Honesty is strength.

Confession is intent.

Action to move on a positive path is redemption.

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