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The Power of Covid19

Hope you are all doing well, and are safe and healthy.

Most of us long to get back to a normal life soon enough - without masks and fear.

Yet, the last one year will prove to be a transformational one, a curve on the road from where there is no turning back.

When you joined the LeanIn group, you were probably on a career break, looking for the next assignment to happen. Are you thinking differently now?

How many of you have found work-from-home assignments, which did not exist some time back?

How many of you have started home-based businesses online, which did not need too much capital or are low risk?

How many of you have taken a conscious decision to stay at home, being a parent or caregiver?

Each story will be different.

Each situation will be unique.

Each dream would have changed differently.

Yet, we are where are by choice. We are not in that mindset of ‘Let’s take whatever comes our way’. We know what we want and look for it.

It is a great achievement.

Congratulations on being on that pivot!

We have discussed power of networking here before.

I give here the link again


It’s not really about attending events and conferences.

I’ve had this habit - good or bad- of passing on social media posts or other information to someone who might find it useful.

I’ve pondered over it sometimes. Am I wasting time? What if the person is not interested in the info? I stop doing it intermittently.

Yet, I’ve reached the conclusion that it’s not a meaningless pursuit in the air. It helps by way of remembering and being able to connect later for something else.

Karma has a way of finding its way back. This is an awesome quote.

“Surround yourself with women who would mention your name in a room full of opportunities.”

Here’s another inspiring article on the subject.

More power to you, as you connect more and find ways to move ahead with the network.

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